German blood.


I absolutely do not want to be alone right now. Being in these apartments with everything that’s happened in them in different situations is not where I want to be right now. Too many memories of people I’ll never get back.

Death is such a confusing thing. I’ll never full realize that I’ll never see Kyler again. Part of me still thinks he lives just across the complex still but I know he doesn’t. Today, we were supposed to go the track and ride. I saw him this past Tuesday up at the school and we decided to hangout cause it’s been awhile. I guess we weren’t supposed to go ride today.

This has got me so torn up. Mentally and physically. I just wish my buddy Kyler was here.

2014 has been the worst. Today has been terrible.

I can’t sleep. Losing such a close friend after seeing him the other day and having plans this weekend is killing me. I’m at home, alone, still trying to let it all sink in.

There no one around to talk to. Phoenix has been such a dark place. Almost a trap. Fuck.

Phoenix is a death trap.

May you ride in piece brother.

RIP Kyler 3/29/14

Some history for ya ass. #earlymodel

Some history for ya ass. #earlymodel

Have you ever felt that overwhelming feeling of love and compassion? It comes when you least expect it.

Cherish that moment.